9 Factors to Consider Before Buying or Renting Oxygen Concentrator

Factors to look before Renting oxygen Concentrator

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What is an Oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen concentrator is an electrical device which supplies oxygen 24*7 to the patient in need.

It consists of Zeolites sieve beds which selectively absorbs nitrogen from the room air and supplies pure oxygen.

The compressor in the device sucks in the atmospheric air and supplies pure oxygen to the patient with the help of a nasal cannula.

Humidifier bottle is also provided in the oxygen concentrator to ensure the comfort of the patient.

Types of Oxygen Concentrators

Stationary Oxygen Concentrators:

It is electrically operated which provides pure oxygen to the hypoxic patient.

Oxygen purity ranges from 90-95%. It is light weighted and comes with a humidifier bottle for the comfort of the patient.

If you are looking for oxygen concentrator on rent or sale for domestic purpose, then it will serve the purpose. This has various alarms which ensure the safety of the user.

The oxygen flow rates can be easily adjusted with the help of flow meter. Oxygen Concentrators can provide with oxygen flow rates as high as 10 LPM.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator:

Looking to buy a portable oxygen concentrator go nowhere as we provide you with excellent portable oxygen concentrator.

Philips simply go mini and Simply go international serves as the best portable oxygen concentrator available in the market.

One of the amazing features of a portable oxygen concentrator is the battery back up so that you can carry it with you.

With Simply go mini and Simply go International you also get an option of modes which can be changed according to the need.

These Factors to Consider Before Buying or Renting Oxygen Concentrator

If you are having any kind of respiratory illness it is very essential that you have an oxygen concentrator for providing you with much-needed oxygen therapy as prescribed by your doctor.

But before this, you need to choose the perfect oxygen concentrator for you or your loved ones.

When it comes to choosing, we all become perplexed, here we are providing you with factors which will make the passage clear for you on deciding which oxygen concentrator to take for rent or sale.

Oxygen purity: The purity of oxygen delivered also plays a very important role while buying an oxygen concentrator or renting it.

The air which inhaled by the patient must be pure and healthy as the patient is already having troubles in the respiratory system.

Oxygen purity must also be high as time passes the purity levels will go down gradually hence at the start it must at the apex. With our Oxygen Concentrators, we mention the oxygen purity range from 90 to 97%.

Modes of oxygen delivery: Various types of modes are available with an oxygen concentrator. Continuous mode is present which delivers the oxygen continuously to the patient.

Pulse mode is present which provides oxygen with each breathing effort made by the patient. Night mode delivers a varying amount of oxygen as per setting.

You can select from the range of oxygen concentrators available with us for rent as well as the sale and make use of various modes they are provided with.

Portability: Philips Simply go mini and Simply go international offer you the freedom to take it along with you.

Battery backup options are available. Philips Simply go mini and Simply go international can be used both for sale as well rent depending upon the need.

Light weight: Simply go mini weights around 2.7 kg. You can imagine how easy will it be carrying it with you. Philips simply go international comes with a trolley to carry it.

Easy to carry: Our oxygen concentrators are easy to carry because of them being light weight and bags provided to carry. A domestic usage oxygen concentrator has wheels which make it easy to move the oxygen concentrator from one place in a room to another just by dragging.

FAA approval: FAA approval is necessary to carry any product with you on a flight. Our portable oxygen concentrators are FAA approved which makes it easy to carry on a flight.

Reliability: Whether you are taking oxygen concentrator on sale or rent it is very essential to have a reliable one.

Medirent provides you with world-class brands of Philips, Drive devil bliss, Invacare, Oxymed etc.

We also have a dedicated customer support and service team ready to serve you anytime at the call of a phone.

Warranty: If you are taking oxygen concentrator on sale then the warranty is also required as you have spent a good amount of money.

A general warranty of two or three years is provided with the oxygen concentrator. Also, there is an option for extended warranty depending upon certain factors.

For oxygen concentrators on rent, a replacement is done in no time if any manufacturing defect occurs during usage.

User interface: A user-friendly is available with the oxygen concentrators we provide on sale or rent.

No special training or skill is needed to run the oxygen concentrator, it is advised to call our technical team in case of a problem with the product.

An oxygen concentrator has a simple flow meter which can be adjusted according to LPM prescribed by a doctor.

Simply go mini and Simply go international have LCD touch screen on which can be controlled by a simple click. There is also a mode change button.

Alarms: Various types are alarms are provided with the oxygen concentrators. Alarms ensure the safety of the patient as well as the safety of the device.

Alarms include low breath rate, leak, circuit disconnect alarm, low flow rate, blocked flow etc.

Service: Before buying look that they provides you with dedicated customer support 24*7. Any problem in oxygen concentrator on rent or sale is dealt with by our technical experts and resolved at the earliest. If a replacement is required that too is arranged in less time.